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We provide groundwork preparation for both commercial/industrial sites and residential areas of all sizes. We also offer a full landscaping service if required. Our landscaping and groundwork services have been featured in projects for the RTE home improvement programme Our House hosted by Duncan Stewart.

Commercial Landscaping

Landscaping groundwork services in Dublin and Leinster

BrazPlant provides landscaping services for commercial enterprises including local councils, schools, supermarkets, housing developments and hotels. We use our own machinery with qualified operators to get projects of all sizes completed quickly and professionally.

Our commercial landscaping services include:

  • Reshaping and preparing ground around new housing developments
  • Removal of shrubs and overgrown or unwanted vegetation
  • Car park preparation, surfacing including landscape strips within the car park
  • Ground preparation for shrubbery planting
  • Sourcing, delivering and applying gravel, woodchips, mulch etc.
  • Membrane weed control matting
  • Sod installation
  • Reshaping land to allow for better irrigation and drainage.
  • Excavation

Residential Landscaping

Landscaping groundwork services in Dublin and Leinster

We also do landscape groundwork projects of all sizes for residential clients. Some of our residential services are listed below.

  • Reshaping and preparation of land for gardens, lawns and planting (soil, gravel, woodchip, mulch, weed control matting etc.)
  • Ground preparation for sod laying
  • Sod installation
  • Ground preparation for stone, brickwork or paving
  • Shrub and unwanted vegetation removal
  • Drainage and irrigation improvements

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For more details about our services, please contact us on 044 939 1499 or 087 9085447 or 01 901 0258 (Dublin).