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Sika Bentoshield Max

Fully-bonded, Self-healing waterproofing system

Stobra Radon ProtectionBrazPlant Groundworks works with Stobra Radon to provide a radon protection layer to new builds in accordance with building regulations.

Basements and other below-ground structures that are exposed to aggressive ground conditions and stress, or spaces requiring a completely dry internal environment, demand reliable, high-performance waterproofing solutions.

The function of the waterproofing should also be engineered to include protection of the concrete structure itself against potentially harmful influences of aggressive natural mediums and gases in soil, groundwater or seawater.

Sika BentoShield™ MAX LM is a fully-bonded, self-healing waterproofing system. It is a factory prehydrated, needle-punched and PE flexible membrane. The sealing technology of Sika BentoShield™ MAX LM combines the unique swelling performance of sodium bentonite with high-strength polypropylene geotextiles.

Our guarantees are watertight…

10 year guarantee - when used as a single system
15 year guarantee - when used in a dual system in
conjunction with Sika Watertight Concrete or Sika Cavity Drainage system.


  • High performance watertight sealed lap technology, uniquely tested to BS EN 1928: 2000
  • Self-healing, puncture resistant natural sodium bentonite tanking tested to BS8102: 2009
  • Polymer modified BBA Accredited barrier system designed to resist contaminated and saline ground water*
  • Specially designed laminated layer assuring secondary protection against climate and environmental changes
  • Automatic mechanical bond to freshly poured concrete eliminating water tracking.

* It is a requirement that groundwaters are tested and verified prior to the system application.

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